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Investments and projects

Eshhar Holding owns a wide range of projects, these projects are divided between investors contracted with the company as an angel or as investors for projects and the implementation of our companies work to the fullest in all areas of engineering, architectural and technical.

Security Services

Eshhar Holding owns a company specializing in the security systems is one of the leading companies in terms of the State of Qatar and the Middle East We also have the certificates documented to work in the area of ​​surveillance cameras, radar devices and central control and other surveillance technology and security.

Real Estate

The real estate company of our most important companies and to the importance of the real estate market in the State of Qatar and the Gulf States and the Middle East, where we offer you a new approach in buying and selling and acquisitions, rent and tenancy and choose the best and most luxurious properties all their own identity.

Rate of our business sectors

Security Services 90%
Enterprises 63%
Real-Estate 85%
Investments 90%