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As Human Resources Department, our strategy focuses in making Eshhar Holding the best work environment and job stability by creating appropriate working atmosphere that encourages outstanding performance and career development within a clear mechanism based on the principles of equality and transparency in decision-making. This reflects our values, based on our commitment to the standards of honest professional conduct in assessing the performance and the application of accountability principle.

In Eshhar Holding, We believe that hard work and dedication of our employees as well as skills and extensive relevant experience represent key factors in the group's success in achieving its goals and aspirations in the long run. To this end, we are keen on permanently strengthening relationship with our employees and creating suitable working environment, which helps them in creativity, innovation and perfection in their tasks.

In this context, after being transformed to a holding group in the past year and the consequent growth in the Group's business, which led to an increasing need in the staff, the Group decided to make radical modification regarding policies and procedures in managing the human resources so as to ensure smooth and ease flow of work, in addition to standardization of rules and procedures governing all employees in the group.

In line with Qatar National vision 2030 aimed at empowering Qatari nationals in the private sector, the Group seeks always to attract Qatari talented individuals, recruit them, train them and give them priority in jobs in various departments as well as enabling nationals of great competencies of leadership and specialist positions within the group and its subsidiaries.

Eshhar Holding realizes that creating a successful working team, committed to the highest standards of quality in the work, is based on the development of an integrated plan for education, training and continuous development. Therefore, the Group spares no efforts in seeking partnerships with a group of leading colleges and universities in the state, such as Carnegie Mellon University Qatar, Faculty of Islamic Studies at Qatar Foundation. The aim of such agreements is to provide support in the education, training and development of the executive leaders and all the staff of the Group according to our requirements and what enhances necessary capabilities and possibilities of our employees to achieve competitive efficiency .